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Casino Tips for the Safety Minded Gambler

Casinos are not always filled with good and honest gamblers. A casino should be safe if all gamblers are honest, but that is not always the case.

The following are tips for your safety:

1. Observe your wallet

Did you know that even casinos are not pickpocket-free? Yes, everywhere you go and even at the casino there is always someone who makes pickpocket as their career. Most of us carry our wallets in our back pocket; this makes it easier for pickpockets to snatch our wallet. The best solution is for us to carry our wallet in our front pocket that will make it difficult for a pickpocket to snatch it away from us.

2. Observe the Machine's Bill Receptor

A wrinkled or not properly inserted bill will only be spitted out by the machine receptor after you inserted it, so be sure that you watch it as you insert it and as it make its way inside. This way, you will be sure that your credits will be registered on the machine.

3. Watch your valuables

Valuables like your purses, cameras, cell phone etcetera should be well kept. Do not just place your valuables on top of the machine that you are playing at or at your game table. You might forget about it later on or someone might pick it up without you knowing.

4. Avoid getting bumped into

This is an old style of pickpockets. Usually, they will bump into you and then one of their hands will hook your wallet and then it's gone. If unfortunately you get bumped, the first thing that you should do is to reach for your purse or wallet and make sure that it is still there.

5. Never forget to pocket your cash

Most gamblers tend to forget this. After you have exchanged your chips into cash, pocket it at once. Do not walk around with cash in your hands.

6. Do not fail to valet your car

Always consider the safety and security of your car. Casinos are often open during late at night until early in the morning, this is also the time where the streets are often empty. Do not risk by parking your car somewhere dark and unsecured.

7. Ask for security escort after winning a game

Let us say that you won the jackpot, you can't just exchange your chips alone. Let a security escort you to the cage for you and your money's protection.

In whatever you do, your security and safety should come first. Be observant and know what's happening around you. Following these simple tips will make your casino experience safe and enjoyable.