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The Gambler's Sturdy Character

A gambler should keep in mind that his cerebrum is not a piece of organ that works like a machine; or trying to lay the smackdown in eight rapid successions to prove himself worthy of winning at the tables.

A gambler is not a robot, wither. Robots are built and programmed to perform menial tasks. They can also be programmed to play the roulette, but still - the human mind is responsible in this kind of phenomenon.

The gambler could be anyone - regardless of age and status in life. Some are college graduates, some aren't. Some, self-employed - and some don't even have a decent job to get by, and because of this status they end to rely on gambling sometimes.

It does not really matter whoever can gamble, for there are no rules present to be a gambler, in the first place. However, there are qualifications a gambler must possess, such as arithmetic skills, objectivity, and patience.

Of course, the gambler must acquaint him of the odds he must deal. Otherwise, the very reason for gambling is not really understood at all. What is the point of betting your money just like that - if the gambler himself does not even know what he is into?

Next, is staying objective throughout the game. Some gamblers tend to lose their cool once things don't go their way, and this kind of attitude causes trouble for them.

Analyzing the whole situation before AND during the game are beneficial to the gambler. Normally, this disposition may give an impression that the gambler is cold, calculating, and worse, merciless.

Quite true, and these are actually shown in total concentration. Just like in any other cerebral games like chess - the gambler's mind works in different was - strategizing the next move, watching his opponent - all similar in gambling.

Patience is, indeed, a virtue. Gambling means challenge, therefore the gambler is more than happy to accept various sorts of challenge. Anytime, any day. Anywhere, everywhere.

A contest of wills, and guts. Camaraderie and competitiveness combined to a sport. Gambling may revolt anyone who isn't quite familiar with the intent, because it is often judged negatively though.

Those who gambled recklessly met failure - even death. Proof enough to leave a rather lasting impression to those who are skilled and domineering - and by being so sure, losing failed them so miserably. Followed by scores of losses, that eventually had them hooked, until they realized it was all too late.

The wise gambler, however poor he may be, if armed with such qualities - then he will be more than eager to wait for his time to win. He knows that for every loss, he learns, and he knows better for each and every win.